Guarantee of Dato Batono

Dato Batono is a unique taste of the wine, which is achieved due to the unique formula of winemaking.


We care deeply about each bunch of grapes

We leave only one best bunch on each grapevine, which has absorbed all the power and fruitfulness of the grapevine and the light of sunny Georgia.


Guarantee of fruits quality

We are looking to the future, and therefore increase the area of our vineyards. This always allows us to monitor the harvest, which contributes to the unparalleled quality of our grapes.

wine barrel

Our concern

We care deeply about each bunch, starting from the day of collection and ending with the fermentation process of wine. This allows us to obtain the most exquisite taste, which does not leave anyone indifferent.


Future with Dato Batono

For total immersion into our wonderful picturesque wine country we use VR/AR technologies. Be closer to Georgia, be a part of our culture!

Now, opening a bottle of Dato Batono wine, you can not only get pleasure from its flavour but also spend time with us: enjoy Georgian nature, admire the beauty of architecture, visit our home and even find yourself in front of a gracious Georgian table.

We give you a taste of wines made with love and a complete sense of communion that is impossible to forget.