2 June 2020

Famous brands of Georgian wines

Georgia is the oldest wine-producing country in the world. It was here, about 8000 years ago, on the green valleys and mountain slopes of Transcaucasia that the first traditions of winemaking were born. And they continue to this day. Today, many varieties of wines are presented on the Georgian wine market, but in order to choose a really good wine, you need to know the names of famous varieties and their features:

  • Tsinandali is a white wine made from Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grapes from the Kvareli and Telavi microzones in Kakheti. It has a light straw color. Aging – 3 years. With a harmonious fruit and flower bouquet.
  • Saperavi is a dry red wine of dark pomegranate color. Aging – 1 year. The wine has a unique harmonious taste and a pleasant tartness. Bouquet – prunes, black currants.
  • Kindzmarauli is a high-quality semi-sweet wine with the color of ripe cherries.  Made from Saperavi grapes. Aging – 2 years. Bouquet – tart, with berry and oak notes.

We continue to tell you about the famous and delicious wines:

  • Tvishi is a semisweet white wine made from Tsolikauri grapes. It has a light straw color.
  • Mukuzani is a dry red wine made from a single Saperavi grape. It ripens in an oak barrel for three years to get an excellent, sophisticated aroma. This is one of the best dry red wines made from Saperavi.
  • Khvanchkara is a semi-sweet red wine of high quality. With an elegant dark ruby ​​color, harmonious velvety taste and raspberry aroma.
  • Alazani Valley is a semi-sweet white wine made by mixing Rkatsiteli, Tsolikauri, Tetra and other grape varieties grown in the western and eastern parts of the country. Wine of straw color with a harmonious taste.
  • Akhasheni is a semi-sweet red wine made from Saperavi grapes. The wine has dark garnet color with a mild flavor and chocolate tones.