2 June 2020

Discover Georgia: Picturesque Kakheti

Speaking of Georgian wine, we cannot but recall the region of its production itself – Kakheti.  About 65% of all Georgian wines come from here. But Kakheti is not rich in wine alone: ​​there are ancient monasteries, fortresses, stunning mountains, Alazani Valley, and much more …

What to see?


The most famous monasteries of Kakheti are the David Gareji cave monastery, the revered Alaverdi temple, but no less interesting are the Ikalto and Bodbe monasteries.


Sighnagi is a well-restored and extremely romantic place located on a hill overlooking the valley.

Telavi is the administrative center of Kakheti and the largest city in the region and it is a very bright and picturesque place.


There are about 10 national parks and reserves in Kakheti, the most famous of which are Tusheti, Vashlovani, and Lagodekhi.

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