2 June 2020

A little history: where did winemaking originate?

There are many wine connoisseurs in the world, but few are familiar with the history of its origin. There are many theories and debates on this topic, but it is rumored that the earliest signs of wine were found in Georgia. It was here that fragments of clay jugs decorated with images of grapes and dated to about 6 thousand years BC were found. It is not surprising that Georgia is called the historical homeland of winemaking.

The Georgian people have been developing technological methods of making various wines for centuries. The oldest method of storing and making wine is in special kvevri clay vessels, which have received the status of the intangible cultural heritage of Georgia. There is no analog of kvevri anywhere in the world.

Nowadays, people of the region appreciate and continue the historical traditions of their people. And we, as great fans of the Georgian culture of winemaking, carefully keep the secrets of making this drink and pass them from generation to generation.