Dato Batono

Premium wine from Georgia


Dato History

Exclusive planting of autochthonous grape taps allows us to obtain the same authentic taste that does not leave anyone indifferent.

Only one bunch grows prolific on the grapevine and becomes a part of Dato Batono.

Wine bottle standing on barrel

Natural cork

Retains the original harmonious wine taste and rich aroma.

Classic bottle

Elegant and traditional Georgian design conveys the atmosphere.

Unique label

The use of VR/AR technologies in the label, which will take all the hospitality of Georgia to your table.

The only bunch

Only one bunch per grapevine gives the wine a rich and bright taste.

Elegance of taste

The special formula of wine production contributes to the special taste.

The best grape taps

The autochthonous grape taps allow us to obtain the authentic taste of Dato Batono wine.

Wine traditions

Discover our culture and partake the rich taste of the autochthonous wines of Kakheti, together with Dato Batono.


The wine has a velvety tangy taste and fruity freshness. Discreet bouquet of ripe berries surprises by its unique smell.

wine bottle
  • Red

  • White

  • Rose

Dinner for two

Take part in our lottery and win a delicious dinner and wine tasting from Dato Batono!

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How to participate in the draw?

  • Download a Dato Batono app in Play Market or App Store

  • Open the app and complete a quick registration

  • Point the camera at the bottle and become the participant of a lottery

  • Share videos, collect likes and win real Georgian dinner for two

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